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Le Diable est dans le détail! by Eda Doğa Aras

Hello I am Doga, a master student at Bilkent University who cannot separate herself from the field.People who know me well also know that I have some kind of special passion to get a farmer’s tan and hanging around stinky and dirty. The first time I have realized this strange passion was in 2015 at Nysa (Sultanhisar) and after that I could never back down from it! Since then, I had a chance to work in different excavation projects and most of them are within the Carian region. This drove me to focus more on this beautiful region and its culture and I am now planing to mule over Carian identity. We will see in the coming year. When I applied to Bilkent for master I heard that Dr. Henry, the head of the Labraunda Excavations, was the brand new member of Bilkent Archaeology community and this made me extra excited since I might have a chance (insallah) to work on my thesis with a Carian specialist who is respected and accepted among the world academics in his field. Also, after the Kinet …